Power Transmission


The electrical and mechanical power transmission industry is highly diverse with never ending competitive pressures and challenges. We have proudly supported industry leaders for decades. Our products and services include global sourcing and supply chain management, manufacturing, product certification, inventory management and Just-in-Time delivery of bearing and rotation components, actuation and automation equipment, and products that enclose and protect electronic systems.

We provide the products essential to much of the equipment that powers our planet. BONEAL is a trusted partner for power transmission industry leaders.


A trusted partner for electrical and mechanical power transmission.

Featured Capabilities in the Industry


SPECIALTY MANUFACTURING – BONEAL’s diverse manufacturing capabilities provides a single point of service for our customers. Robust in-house manufacturing facilities mean that we can control the aspects of your product that matter most.


KITTING – We don’t just package parts in a box, BONEAL manages the entire process from component sourcing through direct vendor delivery to your end customer. Additionally, BONEAL can provide alternate sourcing solutions and obsolescence management.


ASSEMBLY – We specialize in complex and low-medium volume assembly of products with many components that combine diverse manufacturing processes. Complete development of Bills of Material and rigorous Technical Control Plans provide for consistent quality over the life of a contract.


LOGISTICS –  BONEAL has been providing custom logistics solutions to our customers for decades. These solutions have included warehousing, inventory management, production-line KanBan support, supply chain management, procurement, kitting, and full-on Third-Party Logistics (3PL) programs.


SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT – BONEAL has a strong and diverse supplier base made up of professional, service and manufacturing suppliers that help meet the needs of our customers. Our team of technical experts ensure appropriate selection of suppliers for each task.

software code

SOFTWARE – At BONEAL, we have developed a layered/comprehensive suite of apps that harnesses the power of communication, precision, and data collection to gain a competitive advantage in an ever-evolving industry.