Fabtek, located in Means, KY, is a state-of- the-art metal fabrication operation that skillfully handles a wide range of materials and processes of varying complexity. Our experts in engineering, design, quality, tooling, die building, and material sciences ensure that every part that comes through our operation meets, and hopefully exceeds, our customers’ expectations.




High Precision CNC Cut & Form

Fabtek specializes in several high-precision services including sheet metal fabrication, laser cutting, turret cutting, and precision press break forming. Utilizing top-of- the-line technology, our FabTek operations flawlessly execute projects to BONEAL’s high-level quality standard.

Our facility houses:

  • an internal laser;
  • a 1500-watt Amada machine;
  • two 35-ton CNC turrets; and
  • three CNC press breaks ranging from eight to twelve feet in length.

Our access to cutting edge technology paired with our industry expertise makes Fabtek the place to go for all your metal fabrication needs.


Welding & Assembly

Fabtek proudly offers both manual and resistance welding solutions. By utilizing MIG and TIG capabilities and specializing in mild steel, stainless steel, and aluminum, we offer a wide range of welding options to satisfy our customers’ needs.

In addition to welding, Fabtek offers the installation of nut inserts and standoffs. Through a seamless partnership with our customers, we guarantee all their welding and assembly needs are met to the highest standards of quality.


Secondary Processes

In addition to our standard services, Fabtek also offers a range of additional processes including powder coat finishing, finish grinding, and metal buffing. Our powder coat finishing systems is comprised of three stages: dry off, manual booth spray, and cure over. To ensure quality, Fabtek inspects each part to specific LAB color points using an electronic color eye. This provides a level of inspection beyond what the human eye can perform to give our customers a world class product.

Leveraging Our Technology to Provide Quality

To ensure adherence to our high-level quality standards, Fabtek leverages state-of- the-art technology to provide exact and precise solutions for all customers.

– Using electronic color eye technology, we are able to examine powder coat precision beyond what the human eye can detect and ensure impeccable color and finish.
– By employing software such as SolidEdge, FabriWIN, and FabriTalk, we can draw and implement models capable of meeting the most complex challenges faced by our customers.
– For additional product certification, FabTek operates Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) to certify the specification of products before they are sent to our customers.


FabTek has a long history of commitment to quality and has had an industry-certified quality management system in place since 1999. Currently, FabTek is ISO 9001-2015 certified.


Clients Served

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Chris Daniels, Director of Operations

Chris Daniels currently serves as the Director of Operations for the BONEAL Enterprise. In this role, his mission is to ensure the standardization and continuous innovation of lean-based systems across all BONEAL Operations. Similarly, he is responsible for overseeing production capacity, along with setting and maintaining the safety and quality standards for all Boneal business units.

His role in operations at an enterprise level allows Mr. Daniels to plays a key role in developing and implementing business goals for Fabtek, while also ensuring all Fabtek projects meet high quality standards and customer expectation.

Mr. Daniels started his career at BONEAL 14 years ago, initially as a Manufacturing Engineer. As he developed within the company, he attained the positions of Production Supervisor and General Manager. Before becoming the Director of Operations, Mr. Daniels held the role of Programs and Engineering Manager of Boneal, Inc.

Prior to joining Boneal, Mr. Daniels earned a B.S. in Physics from Morehead State University and a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Kentucky.


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