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Growth in on-line shopping has placed an ever-increasing requirement for speed and efficiency on the world’s providers of automation and sortation equipment. For nearly two decades we have provided complex, high speed, tight tolerance pulleys, bearings, rollers, and assemblies to the mail and package handling industry. Our products are certified to Original Equipment Manufacturer specifications and standards. In support of our customers businesses we build and manage supply chains, procure, manufacture, maintain appropriate stocking levels and ship on a moment’s notice. Our Mail and Packaging equipment capability has been recognized nationally on several occasions by the United States Postal Service.

Nationally Recognized for Excellence by the United States Postal Service (USPS)

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Every OEM faces the same issue.  Equipment needs maintenance and perfectly reliable repair components must arrive in a timely manner.   Boneal, Inc. has been a solution in this potentially troublesome area for many years.   We take full responsibility from “print to delivery” for entire catalogs of repair items and our products are certified to Original Equipment Manufacturer specifications and standards.  We build supply chains, procure, manufacture, maintain appropriate stocking levels and ship on a moments notice.Our “spares and repairs” operation supports some of the largest organizations in the world in a diverse range of industries, that include high-speed mail handling, beverage conveyance, electrical enclosures and aircraft ground support equipment.


CAGE# 5X802




Success Story

Boneal’s story is one of American business, entrepreneurship and adaptation, all of which have helped them meet the needs of an ever-evolving United States Postal Service. With our relationship forming in 1996, we are proud to continue to serve the USPS for the last 20+ years. As the Post Office has developed and grown, so has Boneal, allowing us to match their needs and allow the relationship to continue to prosper. Evolving from replacement parts needed during the anthrax attack on the U.S. mail system to new Automated Warehouse Replenishment systems, and implementing the Spare & Repair Partnership, meaning every piece of mail touches a product of Boneal. We are proud to keep the USPS running and consider it an honor to serve them, the maining community – and ultimately, the American People.

Supplier Highlight

With a diverse set of services, ranging from kitting to reverse engineering, MKA is committed to consistently providing its customers with the best – products at the highest standards of quality and 100% on-time delivery.  Through this commitment, MKA has grown and prospered as a true solutions provider. MKA has a competitive edge with a certification and dedication to an ISO-standard of quality.

Our commitment to consistent and timely products is our value, and we have proved this to our business partners time and time again.  Utilizing a vast cultivated supplier network, we leverage our connections to ensure you receive an optimal experience, from start to finish.


360° Solutions

When it comes to serving our clients, we are focused on making sure that you can completely customize our services for you. From procuement to final delivery, we understand that it can be hard to organize every aspect of a project, but we want to make it easier on you. With over 30 years of experience, we have cultivated a network that is capable of accomplishing your projec, while still being conscientious of your bototm line.



BONEAL supplied hundreds of NSNs to the Postal Service, resulting in over 1 million individual parts shipped.


Lockheed Martin tapped BONEAL’s extensive experience with Postal Service automation components.


Visit our Success Stories section for more examples of how BONEAL turned challenges into results for our clients.

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