Technical Third Party Logistics  (T-3PLis a proprietary subcontracting platform that improves customer readiness by providing single-point access to multi-point resources. When BONEAL approaches our client’s projects, we take into account all areas of expertise required to accomplish their goal, taking into account both core requirements and unique solutions needed to project completion.

Connecting Suppliers and Customers

Whether it be our own in-house suppliers, or taking advantage of our strong networkof other suppliers, we act as the intermediary and connect the two parties, so you can ensure that the customer receives exactly what they shouldevery time. Our platform is designed to be able to fit your needs, ranging from one item to hundreds. No matter what the project may be, the one commonality between them all is that we are in the middle of the action, creating a strong dynamic and positive environment for all parties involved.

We pride ourselves on connecting customers with their suppliers through a seamless platform process. Every project requires perfecting each step in order to get the desired final project, and when it comes to BONEAL, each of those steps matter, whether it be procurement and shipping, or engineering design and manufacturing. It is the journey of each product that defines its quality, and we want to give you the best.

Market signals sent using unstructured information is replaced by a structured platform which enables efficient communication and project transparency.

A Boneal, Inc. marketplace connects all participants in a frictionless environment.

Heuristics based on existing Boneal processes and accumulated years of domain expertise.

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